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Premium Monofocal

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With ordinary NHS cataract surgery patients have a lens that sets them for distance. This is great for the majority but some patients struggle with intermediate vision; using the computer, seeing labels on food goods, seeing the speedometer in the car etc.

To address this Tecnis have developed the Eyhance Intraocular Lens™. It gives superb distance vision but also has a central segment with more power in order to allow a greater depth of focus.

Greater flexibility with vision has a big impact on quality of life.

It must be emphasised that these lenses do not give true distance and intermediate vision. They simply make the intermediate vision a bit clearer. For true distance and near/intermediate vision patients should opt for the bi- or tri-focal intraocular lenses.

I will now be implanting all my private patients who need monofocal lenses with the Eyhance Intraocular Lens™, a premium lens which delivers over and above the ordinary NHS lens.

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