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Cataract & Refractive Surgeon

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Usually normal if the condition is mild. If the inflammation is marked, vision may be slightly reduced.






Photophobia and ocular ache

Visual acuity?

May be slightly reduced to about 6/9 or 6/12.

Where is the redness?

Most marked around the corneal limbus. Look closely at the vessels running up to the corneal periphery – they will be dilated.

Stain on cornea?



Reacts normally but may be an abnormal shape because of inflammatory adhesions between the pupil margin and the lens behind it. This abnormality may be more obvious when the pupil is dilated.

Is the cornea clear?

Unless the pressure goes up in relation to the iritis, the cornea will stay clear. On close examination, you may notice some opacities on the lower inner surface of cornea, related to collections of inflammatory debris and called keratic precipitates. However, the iris detail may be partially obscured by a hazy anterior chamber.

Conjunctival appearance?

Usually normal