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Viral Conjunctivitis

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Usually normal, although excessive watering may cause blurring. Adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis, which affects the cornea and the conjunctiva, may result in genuine slight reduction in vision.


Not usually present. Eyes may be slightly ‘matted’ in the morning with mucous discharge.


Begins unilaterally but then often becomes bilateral.


No, although the patient may experience some ache.

Visual acuity?

Usually normal, but in adenovirus the visual acuity may be reduced to about 6/12.

Where is the redness?

Redness more apparent in the inferior fornix. Limbal vessels are not engorged. Eye appears diffusely violaceous.

Stain on cornea?

Usually none. In adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis the cornea may have scattered areas of ‘pinpoint’ staining.



Is the cornea clear?


Conjunctival appearance?

Follicles may be present.